the stalk was a cross between something that grows - like a plant stalk - and something that obsessively seeks - stalks.

the stalk was set up by Siraj Izhar in 1997.
the stalk was about independent work in the mid-nineties and how artists increasingly sought to shape their own environments through their work.
The stalk was about growing artist-created environments as the work, not of artists producing work for institutions.

the stalk true to its name was a wandering exercise, discussion led and uncuratable, involving some 20 artists practices.

The free server was set up at the same time as the stalk.
the stalk has now migrated but stalk net remains as a shared server resource.

Special thanks to:
All the artists who contributed freely to the stalk.
James Stevens at backspace for hosting the first series of stalks.
James Cronin of flirble for providing server support.
David Herbert of webmast for continued support.